Her command dash is great for getting quick throws in, and if … Samurai Shodown’s next two characters are Cham Cham and The Last Blade 2 rep Hibiki Takane. When her older sister Hikari succumbed to disease, Akari became very agitated. Choose one of several characters to play with, each with their own unique moves and special attacks. A number of characters from the Last Blade series also appeared in SNK Playmore's Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Juzo's move list underwent a drastic change in Last Blade 2 where some of his moves from the first game were either removed or revamped. By pressing D while jumping, your character will trail blue shadows. Whereas Samurai Shodown took place in the 18th century of samurai, much like one of its inspirations, Rurouni Kenshin, The Last Blade instead gave a somber look at 19th century Japan. He is actually Gaisei, the master of Kaede, Moriya and Yuki, forced back from the dead as the puppet for an evil entity, possibly Setsuna. 18 images of the The Last Blade 2 cast of characters. LB2 added new gameplay systems and Hibiki, Setsuna, and Kojiroh to the roster. After being defeated, Gaisei regains his personality and seals himself in Hell's Gate so that he could never be resurrected again. When his superiors and comrades discovered this, they resolved to punish him, but he escaped before they could take action. The game is available on several platforms as an ACA NeoGeo release or with netplay on PS4, PS Vita, and PC thanks to Code Mystics. Despite Kaede preventing the opening of the Gate, it had still not been sealed properly. After Kojiroh dies investigating “Hell’s Gate”, his sister Kaori disguises herself as him, using his identity in order to investigate the evils within, as well as to restore the faith in the Shinsengumi. Musashi Akatsuki (暁 武蔵, Akatsuki Musashi, "The Risen Musashi") is a legendary swordsman who once traveled the countryside, honing his skills and challenging worthy opponents along the way. One fateful day, Setsuna approaches Genzō and requests that he forge a new sword. However, Kaede has the power of Seiryu, the legendary dragon, locked within him. At the outset of The Last Blade 2, Zantetsu resides in his village, and teaches his grandson the way of the ninja in order to continue their legacy. His name means “maple” in Japanese, and the series features many maple decorations as his motif, including a golden stylized maple leaf on the back of his vest. Characters are listed by game of introduction. The sealing of Hell's Gate requires that she dies in the process. However, he was initially unaware that his daughter knew of his departure and that she was following him at a distance. Samurai Shodown's First Season 3 Reveals. Honorable just like he was during his life, he bids farewell to his opponent, before dissolving in a beam of light. Mortified, she watched as Kaede attacked Moriya. The Last Blade 2, originally released in 1998, is the sequel to the fighting game, The Last Blade, which was released... Garou: Mark of the Wolves. To lay both their fears to rest, Juzoh pursues her on her quest. Thus the history of life and death began. In The Last Blade 2, Gaisei is still deceased. Shinnosuke Kagami (嘉神 慎之介, Kagami Shinnosuke) is featured as a boss character in The Last Blade and was toned down to be regular playable character in the sequel. She is a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK 2, with her Speed Mode 'Custom Combos' from Last Blade 2 given to her as super moves. To go back to Last Blade 1 Mode, select one of the original 9 characters with … Enraged, Kaede physically attacked him for the (presumed) killing of their master. However, he is aware that he will pass away in the near future and wishes to prove his strength once more before his eventual death. At home, he is generally free-spirited and somewhat lazy. However, his friend has died. In order to fix it, he decides to ask his friend Takane Genzō, a master swordsmith, to fix it. Advanced Strategy. Not only does he wish to avoid this confrontation, but he also seeks the man named Shinnosuke Kagami (who was the real killer) in order clear his name. Cham Cham is expected sometime in March, along with a new Guard Crush mechanic and balance changes. After their adventure, their sister Hikari falls ill and the two become extremely concerned about her health. At that time, their father called for her. The first of the reveals was Cham Cham, the green-haired catgirl who brings a boomerang to the battlefield. Though most of the characters are Japanese swordsmen, the locale, designs and music reflect a slowly Westernizing country. While in the course of his usual lying around the house with little to keep him preoccupied, he was knocked out and kidnapped by Akari, who “persuaded” him to accompany her on a journey to discover the landmark known as the “Gate of Hell”. Kotetsu takes up his prayer beads and position as Byakko shortly after. Although a playable character in the first game (unlocked via a code), he is not allowed in matches. The characters in the The Last Blade series will be listed here. Photos of the The Last Blade (Game) voice actors. In The Last Blade 2, Yuki and Kaede discover that she is the maiden that is to perform the sealing of evil, as evidenced by her necklace and its recent glowing. She is later adopted by the warrior Gaisei, who trains her along with two other students: Moriya Minakata and Kaede. This rite is to be performed by a special maiden, but a warrior named the “Messenger From Afar” seeks to assassinate her and prevent her from performing it. He engages him, but the guardian's superior skill quickly overpowers him. It is the 7th title in the Fatal Fury series. However, Shikyoh merely joined to kill innocents. After honing his skills and learning to control the power of the Seiryū to a greater extent, Kaede and Yuki set off to the Okina in order to find more information. Though the man radiated an aura of pure, unfathomable evil, the master swordsmith finds himself unable to refuse the request. Retrieved from " https://snk.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Last_Blade_Characters?oldid=95985 ". In addition, Moriya, Akari & Washizuka are playable characters in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. The world of the living, Ushyo, and the land of the dead, Tokoyo. Hyo's ending in both games is interesting in that the player must choose one of two (or three in the first game) choices, each of which causes Hyo to behave differently. This also clears Moriya’s reputation, as he was originally blamed for killing Gaisei. Y. Yuki (LB) Z. Zantetsu. After five years of preparatory action to unseal the gate, including imprisoning his fellow guardian, Shigen Naoe, Shinnosuke is eventually found by Kaede, who has the latent power of the Seiryū. Okina taught the young man all he knew and Kaede left after he had improved his skills. However, an unknown force of evil resurrects him and drives the now-undead warrior insane. It was first released in arcadesand later released on the Wii Virtual Console andNintendo Switch. Kaede sees him over the body, and seeks to slay him under the belief he slew Gaisei. Characters After this, she and Kaede part ways and she is left to make her decision about her destiny, which she eventually took part of, and sacrifices her life in the process. She assists Kaede in defeating Kagami, both avenging their master’s death and clearing Moriya’s name. During this time, he finds within himself an urge to “return” to the portal known as “Hell’s Gate”. One day, he witnessed a “red star” (the opening of “Hell's Gate”). Determined to prove the superiority of his people, he challenges warriors time and time again to prove his strength. He is based on the historical Chinese martial arts master from Foshan, Wong Fei-hung. In a special ending with her defeating her enemy using her most powerful desperation move, the Shiosoregu, she told her opponent not to mess with her in the first place. Additionally, he manages to combine the legendary powers of Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko and Genbu into his being, making him much more powerful than before. Shinnosuke sets out to fulfill his destiny, and to seek atonement. Ceasing his training, he travels in order to seek the truth. After Shinnosuke Kagami’s aborted plan to remove the seal on “Hell’s Gate” and bring about a new world order, Gaisei presumably stood up against the guardian in an attempt to stop him. Determined to fulfill his role as a guardian, Okina set out on a journey. Endings for the Last Blade 1 & 2 characters, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_The_Last_Blade_characters&oldid=999016297, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 02:48. He also discovered that an assassin called the “Messenger From Afar” was rumored to pursue the maiden. New to Last Blade 2 is the ability to Repel in midair. He is available in the console ports of the 2nd game. Shigen Naoe (直衛 示源, Naoe Shigen) is a guardian of a portal called the “Hell’s Gate”. A character from The Last Blade will join the roster of Samurai Shodown as part of its July-announced Season Pass 3, developer SNK announced. The Last Blade 2 isthe second entry to The Last Blade series. Zantetsu (斬鉄) is one of the last of numerous ninja clans that roam ancient Japan. Her standing and crouching 's are godly pokes, and on power they do great damage as well. One day he discovered his master dead, and the killer was nowhere to be found. As a carefree and fun-loving individual, Hyo has a strong love for sake, women, and the thrill of the fight. In the second game, he perfects this ability and is permanently in his "awakened" state. Half a year has passed since Suzaku's m… As the oldest guardian, Okina was aware of that and knew that to properly seal the portal, the legendary “Sealing Maiden” was required to perform the ritual. Basic Gameplan Kojiroh's range is her greatest asset. When he discovered the opening of the “Hell’s Gate”, he thought it a perfect opportunity to continue his killing spree and set out in search of more prey. With time, the Sealing Rite was held in order to seal Death behind Hell's Gate. He continued to study and improve his skills in the martial arts while earning a modest living at a nearby farm. This game isthe last title to the series though SNK mentioned their interests in continuing where they left off. He draws his sword, but finds it oddly dull and fragile. Kaede defeats him; humiliated by his defeat, Shinnosuke is thrown into the depths of Hell’s Gate as eternal punishment. The final boss of the Last Blade 2, Kouryu is fueled with the powers of the four guardians of Hell's Gate, making him a godly powerful divine being. Concerned for his sword and for Hibiki, he sets off to locate her. Shikyoh (紫鏡, Shikyō, The kanji read “purple mirror” in allusion to a Japanese urban legend) is a previous member of the Shinsengumi, an organization that was to protect the weak. Keiichiro Washizuka (鷲塚 慶一郎, Washizuka Keiichirō) is a unit leader of the fictional Shinsengumi, a police-like group during the Bakumatsu era. To both their chagrins, while on one of his travels, Musashi was defeated. Possibly due to this, one of Rock's alternate outfits in The King of Fighters 2006 is that of Kaede's. At that time, two worlds, one near and one far, were born. The official story given by SNK is as follows: Long before humanity existed, in a far off time of myth, death was an unknown, equally distant concept, but when death first came to the world, the "Messenger from Afar" was born. With his love of killing still fresh in his mind along with his few memories and fighting style, Mukuro wanders the land in his undead form, continuing to kill innocents. However, he is soon reincarnated in a new form to fulfill his role as a guardian, as the portal is being opened by another force. She and Kaede then embarked on a five-year journey, eventually discovering the truth: a powerful swordsman named Shinnosuke Kagami was the one who had murdered their master. When you first play through the game, you play through the game in the Last Blade 1 Story and character order. Despite this, he and his adoptive family are very close. Moriya Minakata (御名方 守矢, Minakata Moriya) is a young swordsman in training under a legendary teacher named Gaisei. Hibiki Takane (高嶺 響, Takane Hibiki) is the 17-year-old daughter of Genzō Takane (高嶺 源蔵, Takane Genzō), a renowned swordsmith known throughout Japan during the Bakumatsu era. He set out to exact revenge. She is the daughter of a foreign family that managed ship trades; unfortunately, her family died in a ship accident. to sacrifice herself in sealing the Hell Gate. Gaisei (慨世) (or rather, Kouryu (黄龍, Kōryū) in his new form) is the legendary warrior that trained Kaede, Yuki and Moriya Minakata. About This Game “THE LAST BLADE”, the first entry in the legendary 2D weapons-based fighter set during the twilight years of the Tokugawa shogunate, returns for another joust!Sharpen your blade, and be ready for some of the most epic battles on Steam! Unlike her fellow companions, she is trained to wield the naginata instead of the katana, as Gaisei knew that her strength could adapt better to the polearm (at the time, the naginata was a common weapon for … He uses the element of fire in some of his attacks as well as special techniques involving sakura petals. Gaisei was a master swordsman who trained him with two other orphans, Moriya Minakata and Yuki. He is directly responsible for the death of Hibiki's father, forcing him by sheer charisma to forge his sword and work on it to the utter limit. Once you complete everything, everything turns into Last Blade 2 Story and character order. Washizuka is the only known person to know her true identity. Some characters, such as Akatsuki Musashi and Lee Rekka, are based on historical or legendary figures. Knowing it to be a sign of great evil, he travels from his homeland of China to stop the evil before it spreads across the world.

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