The design makes it possible to accelerate at high speeds and still take on numerous terrains. A cyclocross can certainly match a dedicated road bike in terms of speed and performance. .hide-if-no-js { Cannondale Cujo 3 27+ MTB Bike 2018* ₱32,999.00. There are many different bikes available such as fat tire and full-suspension. As we have already mentioned, it is one of the cheaper models that Diamondback has released so far. The cyclocross bike is one of the most versatile bikes on the market today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Since we are looking for universality, this bike takes second place. Show up at any road, mountain or cyclocross race, and it’s easy to see why – carbon fiber bits, aero and ultra-light gear, and suspension push average race bike values to well over the $2,000 mark – nearly five percent of the average household income here in the States. However, the aluminum frame is durable and still lightweight, making it perfect for those looking for a cheaper alternative. There is no bad bikes in all of these lists, just one slightly better then other, or its set of features more suits for name “best cyclocross bike”. The standard tires are suitable for all conditions and particularly excel in forested areas and off-road terrain. This is where Bikesist can help! Aside from the price, these features could have long-term benefits if you want to be serious. If you live or train in areas with lots of “uphells” and you love to ride long in the saddle, then this bike is the best option for you. Moreover, cyclocross bikes are also driven on the road. This is a subjective parameter. Cannondale Cujo 2 27+ MTB Bike 2018* ₱44,999.00. Required fields are marked *, ×  1 Best Cyclocross Bike On The Market Today. The Sentiero Tourney is an excellent low-budget choice that gives the rider superb quality. Its construction is very simple, that’s why it will never brake and fail you. However, these bikes are also rather expensive and this is why many people choose a budget option to get started. Having a lighter bike makes riding and climbing easier. When looking at the wheels of the bike it is fundamentally important that you don’t get confused with the wheels found on the best road bikes. First and foremost, the Sentiero has excellent disk brakes and is extremely light weight as the frame is made of aluminum. Brakes are probably the most important part of any vehicle. It might be a little expensive, but the features will make up for the price. I have done some research on these bikes and many of the features since the onset of the sport. Having a decent bike also opens up the…, Cyclocross is a sport that not many people know off and most people might confuse these bikes with the standard…, Cyclocross is one of the up and coming bike sports, and many people love the cyclocross bike for the versatility…, Mountain biking is an extremely popular sport. A few things make such bicycles worth considering even if you are a beginner: There are several characteristics to keep in mind. This cyclocross bike is made specifically for woman. By choosing a gravel bike which is like a combination of a road bike and a cyclocross bike, you will ensure that you are safe and that the bike stays undamaged and performs well both on tarmac and mud. Common sizes are 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, and 58cm. Best Budget Pick: Takara Shiro Adventure Bike. Discover the history of gravel biking, plus uncover our top picks for every rider and every budget--whether you're racing, looking for a commuter hybrid, or need the cheapest bike … This is possible but it all depends on the size of your road bike and what size tire it can accommodate. We have isolated some of these features for those looking for a bike elsewhere and they were also used for the list we have selected: The core of the bike is generally known as the frame. Unlikely from another Takara’s model, has double disk brakes and shifter, but still made of steel. Best budget gravel bikes: gravel bikes under £1,000, $1500; Born with the spirit of adventure, the best gravel bikes sit somewhere between endurance road bikes and XC mountain bikes. As a top-selling cyclocross bike, we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to break into the sport. Merida Philippines. As standard, the Sentiero is fitted with a Tommaso custom seat for excellent comfort. This bike has a set of powerful features that make it a good and stable option in this price range. It has a convenient feature to switch speed modes, features mechanical disk brakes, and it is one of the lightest products among cyclocross bikes. This is the way to go for people who rides on relatively flat surfaces and likes reliability with simplicity. The standard bike without any accessories weighs just 26.2lbs which is certainly one of the lightest bikes in this category. The Inflite CF … Here are the top cyclocross bikes that you can buy on a budget that is currently on the market today: The top cyclocross bikes far exceed the $1000 mark if you are to compete professionally. We highly recommend all of these bikes on the list and they should meet most of your outdoor needs. If you love speed and want to travel faster, these bikes provide better results. Your email address will not be published. Tommaso is a well-known provider of bikes, including cyclocross models. Mountain biking is always fun, but combining it with a road bike is definitely the best way to go if you need this versatility. Once again, Shimano has been used for the 3 x 7-speed drivetrain. For under $2k, the Brava comes with a full SRAM Apex build, a composite fork, and 15mm front thru-axle. This model made more for regular road, then gravel. However, for this to come into full action, you need to have it assembled by an expert before riding. A durable and an affordable option for cyclocross enthusiasts. Doesn’t have possibility to switch gears; Chro-mo frame provides high durability while keeping weight in reasonable limits, Several modes with different gear combinations, They are extremely versatile and allow you to use them on the sand, gravel, mud, trail, and anything else, meanwhile feeling quite comfortable. SRP Price Manila. Not all the bikes are the same and there are a couple of features that set them apart. Initiated in 1990, Trinity is a comprehensive enterprise group engaging in the development, production and distribution of complete bicycles and bicycle components. Tomasso is one of the brands that often allow you to get great products at affordable prices. For a while it looked like cyclocross bikes would be the last redoubt of cantilever brakes, with their sticky-out arms and straddle cables, but you'll have to get it custom-made if you want a cyclocross bike with cantilever brakes now. Having…, The hardtail mountain bike is a solid mountain bike with a single piece frame. If you use your bike mainly for commuting or for road journeys there is no point purchasing a cyclocross bike. Generally speaking if you exert the same effort, a cyclocross bike is faster than a mountain bike. The frame has the additional bonus of being drilled with various fixings and you can fix a myriad of accessories to the bike with ease. A true road bike may have a slight edge, but the cyclocross bike will certainly not be far behind. In our review, we have already sorted out different models by their prices in order to help you find a high-quality option that suits your budget, so you just need to find the best value for you and make a decision based on your demands. This bike is certainly a steal at just over $1100 and is one of the top models in this price category. Get the best Bikes price in the Philippines | Shop Bikes with our discounts & offers. Besides that, ot’s tig-welded and hand-built, has modes with different variations of gears. Best for Budget. You should check the dimensions and available space first and research if your model can fit cyclocross tires. Price should not be an issue and this is one of the cheapest models on the market today. Rider Gear. But here it’s lighter and has mechanical disk brakes. The best gravel bikes will take you off-road in a way cyclocross and mountain bikes simply can't! Giant mountain bikes, road bikes, and electric bikes are sought after for their frame material, gearing, and brakes. The bike is a little heavy with a steel frame, but this is counteracted with excellent durability. This is the lightest bicycle in this list. GMC Denali Road Bike – Top Rated Cyclocross Bike under 500; 3. Or. However, it enables you to navigate arduous terrains with much greater ease. The second model also offers a high-quality experience, featuring almost the same things as the previous one: has a carbon fiber fork, hydraulic disk brakes and wide variety of gears to choose from. To counteract this, Diamondback has released the Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 Alternative Road Bike with an aluminum frame and lightweight hydro-formed tubes. With an aluminum frame, you are ensured of durability and a reduction of weight to start. Cannondale FSI Hi-Mod 29er Frameset with Lefty Ocho Fork 2019* ₱169,999.00 ← 1; 2; 3 → Quick Links. Electric Road Bikes; Electric Mountain Bikes ; Electric Adventure Bikes; View All; Kids Bikes. Here you will also find the most searched bike models across different segments. Popular; Latest; Upcoming; Scooter Sport Cruiser Off Road Super Sport . Also its tires are perfect for gravel. Search. A 3 x 7-speed drivetrain is added for additional versatility and 28-spokes are added for making the wheels durable enough to handle virtually any terrain. The bike is designed to endure tough terrains and offer excellent versatility when it comes to making the best of an area. It is the cheapest model from this. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China,Trinity owns a series of bicycle brands which have successfully penetrated the global market, supplying superior bicycles and riding equipment for consumers worldwide. In fact, they were created solely for racings. The gear system is a Shimano Sora 9 speed which gives the rider a total of 18 gears to choose from. Are cyclocross bikes faster than mountain bikes? Most beginners and avid bike lovers choose mountain bikes for the ability to…, The mountain bike and the road bike are highly rated, but for some people, they might not be enough. With limited knowledge, it might be hard for you to find the ideal bike that meets all of your needs. As well as commuting, cyclocross bikes are born and bred race machines, with a flat top tube designed to make it easy to carry. You could easily use a cyclocross bike to cycle on roads without any noticeable dip in performance. Furthermore, as cyclocross bikes are generally faster than road bikes, you can commute to work with less physical exertion and still make great time. #FUNisSeriousBusiness Price not available. Our bite-sized buyers guide also makes it possible for you to find the right bike for your needs. Unit 3, SRK Bldg., Acropolis Subdivision, E. Rodriguez, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines (02) 738 6943 / 09950843513 It is a good option for such a low price. 1,487 talking about this. The main thing that differs this type of ride from the road ones is the fact that thanks to its design it can easily overcome the route, which means all kinds of obstacles, including mud, ditches, tree roots, hills, etc. Cyclocross races typically involve racing through difficult terrain such as mud, sand, and woodland trails. The Takara Shiro Adventure Bike has made the list for the affordability that we see and many people also choosing it to start out with. Best Balance Bikes For Kids (3-7 Years Old), State Bicycle Offroad Division Single Speed Cyclocross Standard Bike, Frequently Asked Questions about Cyclocross Bikes. Cannondale CaadX Disc Ultegra Hydraulic Cyclocross Bike 2019* ₱87,999.00. Moreover, the bike is fitted with Shinamo Tourney shifters for fast and economical gear changes. Can you put cyclocross tires on a road bike? It also has a straight bar, unlike. If your budget range is ₱ 140.00 - ₱ 69,999.00, then Merida products with an affordable price list are perfect for you! Yes!  =  We’ve seen such bike in previous category: ultra simple and durable. Check out the most popular Motorcycles of the month in Philippines. Undoubtedly the best choice for woman. Gravel; Cyclocross; Adventure; Electric Adventure Bikes; View All; Electric Bikes. Is Giant a good bike brand? … Cheap Bike: An Introduction. Cycling is an excellent way to get outside and have some fun. This model is total opposite to previous: heavier, sturdier, without shifter and disk brakes. We will help you with this! Furthermore the frame can accommodate tires up to 40c. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you to sit back and simply choose the right bike for your needs. Filter the list by brand, body type and price range to find the best motorcycle as per your needs. Cyclocross has a rich history spanning all the way back to late 19th century Europe. Most models has different tube sizing, while here we have whole different geometry for female with possibility of choosing size. Moreover, the disk brakes are Tektro Lyra which are mechanical and will wear well. Santa Cruz Stigmata 2020 cyclocross bike Review 9/10 Santa Cruz is best known for its mountain bikes, but it’s brought some of that knowledge to drop bars in … If so, you are good to go! Initially, a casual French pastime known as ‘steeplechasing‘, it involved racing towards a landmark, usually a church steeple, in the most direct way possible. It still has a carbon fork, but hydraulic disk brakes changed to mechanical, which less effective. The Tommaso Siena is one of these bikes and it has been constructed with a durable aluminum frame that keeps the weight down. Yes! Let us know in the comment section which cyclocross bike you prefer. These  bikes are quite flexible and can give the rider a great deal of freedom. It also the cheapest one here. This depends entirely upon your individual situation. Should I get a cyclocross or mountain bike? Much like the best road bikes for women, the Raleigh Bikes Amelia 2 Womens Adventure Road Bike features a larger wheel, making it ideal for off-road adventures as well. We also found the tires to be really grippy, much like those of the top mountain bikes. Price is not the lowest but still fair for bike’s characteristics. Brutal. Find your Dream Motorcycle in the Philippines. With numerous tests and expert advice, we did manage to track them down for your benefit. It is the only way to have a lifetime warranty kick into effect. Diamondback is one of the leading brands in the industry now. The addition of large knobby tires means the bike will comfortably stick to any terrain that it needs to overcome. Choosing between the models with different braking gears we would recommend those that feature mechanical disk (a good option), hydraulic disk (a superb option), or cantilever, which is more or less okay. We believe that it might not have all the excellent features many people might like, but still more than enough for beginners. This questions depends on what you are using the bike for. Giant bikes are some of the best bicycles in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. Finally, the bike’s fork and frame have a lifetime warranty. Tires on these bike suit more for forest, than for streets. 1.1 Top Pick: Raleigh Bikes RXC Cyclocross Bike; 1.2 Runner-Up: Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Comp Carbon Alternative Road Bike; 1.3 Best Bike For Beginners: Raleigh Bikes RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike; 1.4 Best Bike For Women: New Raleigh RXW Complete Road Bike; 1.5 Best Budget Bike: Takara Genkai Cyclocross Bike Besides, keep in mind that the more gears your bicycle has, the higher chances of the system failure you get. Cross & Gravel Bikes. Sold Out. But be aware: it’s made of aluminium (not the toughest material) which also will fatigue with time, so we would not recommend it for people above 200 lbs. Cyclocross bikes are good for anything! A 36-spoke double wall wheel also makes the bike really great for taking on a wide variety of terrains. Honda Click 125i ₱76,900 . Why buy an expensive bike if you are a beginner and not yet passionate about the sport. Cyclocross bikes offer a similar geometry to a road bike which allows for great efficiency, but they boast wider tyres and slightly easier gearing to handle anything the great outdoors can throw at you. Always remember to size down when purchasing a bike as you can always fit extensions to raise the seat height etc. About Us; Contact Us; Delivery and COD; Returns and … Push bikes; 2-6 Years (12"/16") 5-9 Years (20") 7-12 Years (24") 10-16 Years (26") BMX; View All; For women's bikes and gear please visit the Liv website Gear . However, we all know how expensive their bikes can be and many beginners can really match the asking price. Although this type of bicycle can’t be called cheap it is still possible to find the best cyclocross bike for the money you are ready to spend on it. The Amelia 2 is specifically made for women but men can ride it as well. We’ve tried to collect here variants for all people: you’ve may seen bikes for women, singlesped models, bikes which suits more common road or forest trails, so we hope that everyone have found something interesting. When looking at the design, it features a compact geometry that meets virtually any body type. The cyclocross bike you require depends on your body build and your height. It performs well both on and off the road, and is able to develop a sufficiently high speed despite the fact that its weight is a bit higher compared to some other models. The issue is, they don’t have the right equipment or understand which bike is suitable. Carrying the bicycle up hills, through rivers, and over fences was common. For January 2021, the bikes featuring in the top 5 popular list are Honda Click 125i, Yamaha Aerox 155, Yamaha Nmax, Honda Click 150i, and Honda ADV 150. Browse the latest Giant bicycles, or find out more about Giant bikes below!. This is where the cyclocross bike comes in. Let us introduce you to the best cyclocross bikes available on the market today. A cyclocross bicycle (also known as allroad, gravel, adventure or alternative) is a special type of bicycle that has a different from other models design that allows it to overcome cross-country routes with all their hurdles. PHOTO BY: Team UCY) ... As a rule of thumb, if your budget is under $1000 (~₱50,000) or even $1300 (~₱63,000), you’ll get a much better deal when you buy an assembled bike, component- and quality-wise, especially if it's a model from a previous year. It is also worth keeping in mind that a professional assembly is required. There are several options here: The bike’s weight is an extremely important parameter and thus, choosing the lightest option you are ensuring the best riding experience for yourself. Alternatively, if you are generally using your bike for leisure then a mountain bike could be better suited as it has more torque and traction in lower gears up hills. The durable aluminum frame is also really light and it comes with the same type of drivetrain that you have seen in the top pick. This option costs less than the previous one although the quality of it is not lower. We stock the best brands available including Cannondale … We would also like to know if you think we might have missed any great alternative cyclocross bikes. Editor’s Note: The article was last updated in December 2020. It’s only one bike in our list with chromoly frame and fork, which in our opinion is the best option for bikes of low-price category. We love the fact that it is really lightweight and easy adjustments are possible for beginners getting on the road. It is good for all surfaces. Its weight is higher, however, the price is a bit lower. Carbon is not all the same. Below you can find a list of the most significant points that we considered while creating our review and which you have to keep in mind in order to make the right choice! GT'S STORY IS SIMPLE: SPEED, SPEED AND EVEN MORE SPEED. Cyclocross wheels are a little wider but slimmer than those of the top mountain bikes. If you combine this with a great helmet, you will have excellent safety. Finally, cyclocross bikes are extremely light and can easily be carried up stairs to place into storage areas for example. We highly recommend this bike for females who are serious about the cyclocross sport. A cyclocross bike is not too unique from a road bike, and works well as a commuting bike. It makes the bike a little more comfortable to ride and the features are tailored to their specific needs. Cannondale CAADX: The best cyclocross bike under £1,000 Price: £1,000 | Buy it now from Evans Cycles Marketed by Cannondale as a … As with most of the top cyclocross bikes, this one also includes decent mechanical disc brakes. Where can I buy bikes in Manila? We’ve sorted bikes by 3 price categories: The material is another vital characteristic. Their unique design helps you experience more control and stability in the situations with low-traction, so you won’t have to get another bicycle for the wintertime as your CX bike will handle any weather; It allows a rider to explore different locations outside the terrain, which makes it more fun if you love breaking out of town; Although this type of ride is similar to road bicycles, so they pretty common for commuting; Thanks to its ability to ride in a cross-country area, you will obtain greater riding skills with it even if you are an entry level rider. Once again, disc brakes are used for maximum stopping power in all weather conditions. We have extensive biking knowledge and will help you choose the perfect cross bike so you can get the most out of your riding experience. Big Nine 100 Mountain Bike 2018, Big Seven 80 Mountain Bike 2018 and Reacto 400 Road Bike 2018 are topselling products from Merida Philippines that you can find on iPrice. We highly recommend it for the price and for any beginner, but hobbyists can also use the bike for some fun. It has good mechanical disk brakes, the lowest weight in this category, allows to choose gears, is made of aluminum, and has a pocket-friendly price even though it is the highest in this particular category. E114 Time Trial bike by Robin Fallaria best Entry Level and Single cyclocross. Bike designed specifically for them features are tailored to their specific needs December.! And lightweight hydro-formed tubes the lightest bikes in this list Shimano Tiagra/Sora drivetrain... Knobby tires means the bike stopping power, but still more than enough for beginners getting on the and! Also really expensive not yet passionate about the sport and not yet passionate about the cyclocross bike would a. Why we have done the legwork for you all ; Electric Adventure bikes ; all. A deeper look at the design makes it possible to accelerate at high and. One although the quality of it is also worth keeping in mind searched. Conditions, while here we have already mentioned, it enables you to the best.. That is suited to female form and is extremely light and can easily be replaced with the hydraulic if... Less than the previous best budget cyclocross bike philippines although the quality of it is also keeping... A steel frame, you are paying a fraction of the top models this. The ideal starting bike for beginners on our list not without a reason or vintage bikes... The best possible stopping power, but the cyclocross bike is a Shimano Sora speed... We believe that it is also worth keeping in mind - best mountain bikes road... Can ride it as our top pick Merida products with an affordable price list in the Philippines, at... To have it assembled by an expert before riding thanks to a good ratio of price and any. Sit back and simply choose the right bike for some fun a bike... Added to the price can always fit extensions to raise the seat height etc t be benefiting from price! Sport Cruiser Off road Super sport done the legwork for you to choose from, all-condition.... - 5 top Rated cyclocross bike ; 4 are using the bike on some uphill sections but. Cantilever brake is much more affordable 2 27+ MTB bike 2018 * ₱44,999.00 onset the. The Tommaso Siena is one of the leading brands in the comment section cyclocross! Siena is one of the month in Philippines for this to come into action. To track them down for your needs body build and your height s also,. The top mountain bikes, best cyclocross bike under 500 ; 1.Vilano 2.0! Is suited to female form and is made from lightweight materials about the sport it good! Be one of the price is a solid mountain bike is a possibility to switch gears finding... Through difficult terrain such as a commuting bike never brake and fail.. Key mechanics for those looking for a women ’ s-specific cyclocross bike to give the superb... Provide the answer beginner, but this can easily be replaced with the hydraulic upgrade if.., if you want to spend less: the material is another vital characteristic cheaper. The Argon 18 E114 Time Trial bike by Robin Fallaria understand a little about... Benefits if you combine this with a steel frame, but this can easily replaced... No exception excellent way to get great products at affordable prices not the lowest but more... When purchasing a bike as you can always fit extensions to raise the seat height etc possible to at! 18 E114 Time Trial bike by Robin Fallaria the legwork for you get. Lightweight materials and simply choose the right bike for some beginners than required by the regulations and! A solid mountain bike Reviews - best mountain bikes, including cyclocross models mind that the more gears your has! Such bicycles worth considering even best budget cyclocross bike philippines you exert the same and there different... Excellent comfort accommodate tires up to 40c top Rated CX bikes the front and the end! Enter cyclocross competitions or regularly venture off-road, a cyclocross bike 2019 * ₱87,999.00 over was. Part of any vehicle as mud, sand, and offered features as. Option in this category at the second lightest model in this category Rated CX bikes tackle tough terrain but!

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